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SERVICE is our PROMISE to you.

Our title services arc fully computerized and allow us to avoid the timely continuation of abstracts in addition to immediate access to all tri-county agencies. We are able to obtain computer continuations within minutes, allowing us to close and fund a transaction immediately.  We are also computerized in document preparation of all federal loans (FHA, VA, FNMA, etc,) and are prepared to close all types of residential and commercial closings. Our automation is so versatile that we can easily program your documentation to cater to the needs of the transactions.  Our post-closing department is so efficient that you will receive the recorded documents and title policy within thirty (30) days from disbursement. Since our incorporation in 1995 we have been located in the vicinity of Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


For LENDERS, we begin all of our title work the moment the preliminary instructions are received, allowing us to have the file ready to close when the borrower has been approved. You can fax your information or e-mail the order form and we will immediately begin to process your loan. You can appreciate how valuable this service is in today's mortgage marketplace. Another important feature for the lender is that you can send us an e-mail whenever you need to furnish us with information about your loan or if you need status on the transaction.  This will save you personnel time on the telephone, and allow them to dedicate that time to better serve your customers and be more productive.

For REALTORS, We truly appreciate and understand your concerns and problems.  We encourage realtors to take part in the closing and recognize the importance of a well run, organized and "happy" closing.  We will close buyers, and sellers separately upon request, or by Mail, if necessary. At First National Title, the REALTOR is part of the transaction and is kept informed at all times of any new development in the file.  In addition to our numerous services, we file the 1099S form and give the REALTOR a copy to show compliance.

For BUILDERS, we offer special services, in recognition of the unique relationship between a title company and a builder.  We understand the urgency of being ready to close when the certificate of completion is issued, so all that you need to do is inform us of the estimated completion date and we will make sure that all contingencies for closing the loan are met by your purchaser in order to insure a smooth closing as soon as the residence is completed.  We are aware that construction loan interest rates represent a costly expense to the BUILDER and we make sure that the partial release funds of the construction loan are delivered immediately after closing.

We are an approved closing agent for a large number of lenders in the community and nationwide investors.  Nevertheless, if there is a lender or investor that you work with and we are not on their current list, please notify our President, Stephen M. Beyer, Esquire, and we will immediately contact the lender or the investor to comply with their requirements to be placed on their approved closing agent list.

Our closing department works hand in hand with our processing department.  Our professional closers are capable of closing all types of transactions.  If you are looking for a company that you can rely on and keep ahead of its competition, we're the title company for you.


Attorneys Title Insurance Fund
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Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation
210 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1350
Orlando, Florida 32801

We hope that you will get to know us personally and take advantage of our services,

First National Title Company
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